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Our consortium partner M/s Eagle Infra India Ltd is a class ‘1-A’ established contractor with various government departments and is accredited with ISO 9001-2008 and has successfully completed various projects.
M/s. Eagle Construction Co. had been formed in the year 1981 under the Leadership of Mr. Udhav M Rupchandani as a Partnership Company. Later in 2011 it was converted into the Limited Company as Eagle Infra India Ltd.
urban traffic with cityscape in modern city of China.

Among our consortium based clientele - Road Projects

Among our consortium based clientele - Water Supply And Drainage Projects

Key Highlights

We utilize best-in-class technology

Successful Track Record in PPP Space

Having completed 3 BOT projects and is operating 2 OMT projects in Road sector of 257 K.m.’s (approx.) with BOT projects completed before SCOD thereby earning bonus income

Leadership position in Toll Collection Contract

Having executed more than Rs. 4000 crores of toll collection in last 5 years on principal to principal basis for NHAI on PAN India basis) (presently executing 1000 crores per annum of toll collection contracts).

Low Sector Concentration risk in EPC space

As active in diverse verticals of - Road, Building, Sewage and effluent treatment plants, Metro – urban transportation

Low Secured Debt – equity and TOL/TNW ratios

TOL/TNW also low at 0.98 (in FY 21) as compared to 1.07 ( in FY20).

Diverse and rated Principal /clients

EIIL is working for NHAI, MORTH, DMRC, GoM, MPRDCand has projects under ATALscheme, ensuring timely payments

PAN India Presence Of Eagle Group

We have worked with big entities all around the nation

Business Verticals

The company has set benchmark in infrastructure development for the Government of India Projects, Specialized Highways, BOT and OMT Projects, Toll Collection Agencies, Public Utility Services, Residential, Commercial and Industrial Parks, Shopping Malls, E.S.R. AND G.S.R Tank Projects, Water Treatment Plant, Sewerage System, Water Pipeline,Drainage System etc.

Our Journey Over The Years

On standalone level Eagle Infra India Limited (EIIL) has comfortable cash accruals and is expected to grow exponentially over the current and next two years on the back of orders in hand as can be seen sequentially from the following:-
Particulars 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022
Aud Aud Aud Aud Aud Aud
Total Revenue 1064.55 1126.52 1229.16 1941.68 2559.27 2805.07
PBDIT 75.74 82.44 97.36 152.62 196.09 236.87
PAT 34.36 37.05 45.37 85.35 112.87 130.96
Cash Accruals 37.36 41.04 51.66 96.05 127.11 137.12
Net Profit Margin 3.29% 3.33% 3.72% 4.43% 4.59% 4.85%
Cash Profit Ratio (PBT+DEP)/SALES 5.30% 5.41% 6.10% 6.57% 5.14% 6.98%
Interest Coverage 3.72 3.72 4.26 5.85 7.13 5.87
Paid up capital 40.22 40.22 56.52 56.52 56.52 56.52
TNW 154.47 189.69 251.36 336.32 446.36 582.75
TOL/TNW 1.36 1.33 1.47 1.07 1.00 0.97
TOL/Adj. TNW 2.03 2.51 2.97 2.65 2.31 2.02
Current Ratio 2.03 1.62 1.53 1.44 1.35 1.57

Order Book

Completed BOT/OMT Projects

Eagle Deep Infra Pvt. Ltd Wholly owned Subsidiary of EIIL SPV for Badnawar Thandla Road on OMT basis warded by MPRDC. This is operational since December 2012 with daily toll collection of ₹ 1.75 Lacs. Opex cost - ₹ 35.00 crores. Dena Bank escrow agent No borrowing facilities have been taken from any bank Consistent cash profits since COD.
Eagle Kolaghat Haldia OMT Private Limited. (Wholly owned subsidiary of EIIL) The company is an SPV for the OMT project under NHAI. This is operational since 8.09.2017 and present toll collection is ₹ 18.03 lacs per day. The period of concession is 9 years. Opex cost is ₹ 153.00 crores. Axis Bank escrow agent ₹ 94.70 crores has been sanctioned in January 2020 by SBI against securitasion. Cash profit to the extent of 45%-50% of day toll collection exists.
Nashik Sinnar Tollways Limited. (EIIL Stake 48.99 D%) SPV for the project of development and operationa of NashikSinnar Road by four lane in the state of Maharahstra. Cost of project ₹ 380.00 crores. IDBI Bank, SBI & Dena Bank Fund Based facilities 190.00 crores COD achived on 31.10.2017. Present toll collection is ₹ 7.00 Lacs per day.
ECA Infrastructure India Pvt Ltd (EIIL's share - 40%) The company is a SPV for 4 laning of Jam-Warora road under DBFOT basis. Complemted and operational since August 2012. ICICI Bank TL (ECB) = 57.92 Cr. As on 31/06/2018 Consistent cash profits since COD on 25/07/2012, 12 months before schedule.

List Of Major Roadworks( Completed)

Sr no Name Of Work Name Of Department Tender Cost (Rs.in Crores) Costof Work Done (Rs.in Crores) Date Of Starting Actual Date Of Completion
1 Improvement of state border Vitva bhusaval Jamner motala pimpalgaon raja khamgaon road SH-44 km 72/200 to 117/00 (jamner to motala) (length 38.27 Km. And Public WorksDivision, Jalgaon 293.53 281.13 14.11.2018 04.01.2022 estimated cost rs. 99.34 Cr.). Improvement of Savkhedafata Dharangaon Erandol Mhsawad Neri Jamner ( Jamner Diversion) Rd. SH-41 Km. 24/700 to 65/700 (Erandol to Neri Digar) Under Hybrid Annuity Mode (Length41.00 Km.) Public WorksDivision, Jalgaon 293.53 281.13 14.11.2018 04.01.2022
2 Construction of two Lanning with paved shoulders for Package HAM: HYBRID ANNUITY NAG 149 – Dist. Wardha in Public WorksDivision, Wardha 154.52 139.34 14.11.2018 17.05.2022 the State of Maharashtra under MRIP on Hybrid Annuity Mode A.Kharangana Masod Kondhali Sawargaon Chincholi Rd. Km. 0+000 to 35+80035.8kms. B.Rohana Wadhona Karanja Jalalkheda Mowad to State Bordear road Km. 0+000 to 39+500. 39.5 km. Public WorksDivision, Wardha 154.52 139.34 14.11.2018 17.05.2022
3 Construction of 4 Lane (Partial Acess Controlled) Laddowal Bypass from Km 0.000 to 17.041) Linking National Highways Authority of India 392.00 375.98 28.06.2017 05.04.2021 NH-95 with NH-1 via Laddowal seed Farm at Lidhiana in the state of Punjabon Hybrid annuity mode National Highways Authority of India 392.00 375.98 28.06.2017 05.04.2021

ISO Certificates

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